Introductions will be Necessary

Red. 24. they/she. United States. There's a lot that can be said about me. I try to focus on being human before I subscribe to the roles society has put me in. I work as a research technician, studying ways to apply products in new technology. My young life was spent chasing academic achievements, and... Continue Reading →

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Poem: 31. Jolt

jostled from slumber out of your sanctuary bed-- leaving is the last thing you want to do, and yet there's a whole day waiting.   jump up from beneath your blankets of fleece and your cotton sheets: let's get going, champ, they're waiting for you.   just as you are pulling out of your driveway,... Continue Reading →

Poem: 30. Slice

strawberries and lemon lime freshest fruit is just sublime watermelon orange, too sangria for me and you! Featured Image: x Inktober Day 30. I could really use a glass of sangria right now!

Poem: 29. Double

We sit around the table: six, the business' best and brightest heads. With every problem ours to fix, our testing's done and research read. They speak a foreign language, now, the numbers and statistics spread-- I simply cannot fathom how my knowledge, through my skin, has bled. My brain unable to compete, "I just don't... Continue Reading →

Poem: 28. Gift

the rough carpet, covered in plastic pine needles, leaves imprints on my legs. I scan the packages stacked neatly on the fleece tree skirt, their shiny, colorful shells draped over with string lights and garland and tinsel. there's only one thing I want this year, a Wii, to be able to play with my friends... Continue Reading →

Poem: 27. Thunder

and there's a thunder in my heart that shakes the ground and churns the sky cutting through the clouds so high symbolizing things to come knowing yet we need to part I feel a trepidation here to cross into a fresh frontier to brokenness I shall succumb Featured Image: x Inktober Day 27.

Announcement: No Page Left Unturned

Earlier this year, I wrote a short fantasy escapism piece calledĀ Up in Arms and I am pleased to announce that it was selected from a writing contest to be published in an anthology of Rochester's best page-turners. The collection is titledĀ No Page Left Unturned and is now available on Amazon in e-book and paperback. It... Continue Reading →

Announcement: Howling Halloween

With Halloween coming up, it means it's time for the Greece Writers Group to launch the annual Creepy Compilation! It's $0.99, and will be free to download on Amazon Kindle tomorrow (10/31/18) until midnight. My short horror story and poem are included in this published work. It's my third publication. Make sure you pick up... Continue Reading →

Poem: 26. Stretch

I spread the thick paint across the canvas, letting it wet and seep into woven fibers-- my magnum opus, the best I can do and the best I will ever be. I feel my pallet getting light and push the paints to their limit to cover every nook, to fill the facade, and yet when... Continue Reading →

Poem: 25. Prickly

we made the night a mixtape to calm the screeching pitch of anxiety alone together nestled in fleece throws and layers of dog hair I rested my head on your pillow arms discovering and sharing the experience of a new song we listen to Indie rock as the shadows dance on eggshell-white walls your coarse... Continue Reading →

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